Chef Walker brown

Chef Walker Brown,
Executive Chef
Chef Walker Brown has been with Wisteria since it's conception in 2001. Beginning with the influence of his mother's cooking and vegetable gardening, this "self-taught" chef became interested in food as a child. Starting his career working in his father's restaurant in Sewanee, Tennessee, Walker has spent over 20 years honing his skills in southern kitchen including Harvest Restaurant where he and Jason first met. After finding common ground in their culinary pursuits, Jason invited Walker to be his right hand man at Wisteria as has been there ever since. In his free time, Walker enjoys hosting his own dinner parties, symphony, wine tasting and gardening.

Michael Clifford,
General Manager
The newest addition to the Wisteria Family is our General Manager, Michael Clifford. His lifelong affair with fine food, wine, and service stemmed from a young age. During his early years, Clifford would assist his mother with the family catering business. Though subsequently employed by both the Department of Health (as a Harms Reduction Specialist) and Saks Fifth Avenue, a deep-seated passion lured Clifford back to the world of exquisite wine and cuisine. Clifford wields keen insight as to which dishes pair best with our extensive wine list. (Feel free to trouble him for a recommendation!) Though his preferred wines fall within the Italian and Californian realms, he is developing a love for French varietals. His favorite white wine is the Stag Leap's District, Sauvignon Blanc, while his favorite red is the Damilano Barolo, "Lecinquevigne." Clifford's interests outside of Wisteria include travelling, scientific research involved with biology/psychology and the rugby club he founded in 2003, which would mint his nickname, "Clifford."

Randy Parks

Randy Parks,
Randy was born and raised on the gulf coast of Alabama. He has been working in the restaurant industry for over seventeen years. He has a passion for food and wine. Randy is married to his beautiful wife Meredith. They have two girls as well as two German shepherds. Randy moved to Atlanta in 1999 and worked at Cosi in Decatur. He is one of the original staff members at Wisteria since it's opening in 2001.


Christian Collins
Christian is a Georgia native. He moved to Atlanta from Blue Ridge in 1991. He has spent nearly two decades in the service industry. He has worked from dining room manager to bartender, but his true calling is dining service. Christian is new to Wisteria and proud to call it home. His interests include reading, music and muscle cars. Christian is a true southern gentleman and usually the last one to leave a party.

Mitchell Adcock

Mitchell Adcock
A native of Lafayette, Louisiana, Mitchell moved to Atlanta long ago. Since graduating from Georgia Tech with his degree in architecture, he has worked in the restaurant business as a server, manager and bartender. He has an intrinsic interest in all things gastronomic. When not at work, he can be found puttering around his yard, wondering awestruck through the Atlanta Botanical Gardens or preparing an incredible dinner for two with his partner James.

Ryan has been a party of the Wisteria family since May 2015. He has the propensity of getting to know regulars and first time guests and this typically leads to many new friendships. Beyond the avid reader, he also has interests in cooking, watching mostly B movies and independent films and there is the occasional attempt at catching up on past TV episodes. He has been known to have a creative side that shines on some occasions. Ryan spent most of his childhood growing up in a small New Hampshire town, thus enjoys being around nature: hiking, camping, and exploring all the great things that this world has to offer.

Originally from Virginia, Hunter has lived in Atlanta for many years. In his free time, he likes reading, visiting museums, and walking around his neighborhood of Grant Park. He also recognizes the importance of volunteering around the city, whether as a docent at the Swan House or playing a cowboy for the Halloween tours at Oakland Cemetery. Chenin Blanc is the wine of choice for Hunter

Natalie was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. She moved to Atlanta after earning her degree in Psychology and immediately began her career in the restaurant industry. She loves cooking, all sorts of wine, reading, and Sweet Pea. Who is Sweet Pea? Her adorable cat.

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